Artificial Intelligence for 5G

April, 19 2021

5G can be a key enabler to drive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning integration into the network edge. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a perfect match for 5G. While 5G offers capabilities to support low latency and very high speeds, a massive number of devices, transforming 5G into a scalable real-time network that is data-driven.

The integration of ML and AI with 5G multi-access edge computing enables wireless operators to offer:

  • ML/AI as a service offering for end users
  • High level of automation from the distributed ML and AI architecture at the network edge
  • Application-based traffic steering
  • Dynamic network slicing to address varied use cases

The figure shows how 5G enables simultaneous connections to multiple IoT devices generating massive amounts of data.

AI/ML is being used for 5G network planning, Network slicing, reducing operating costs, and improving both the quality of service and customer experience based on chatbots, recommender systems, techniques such as robotic process automation, automation of network operations, e.g., provisioning, optimization, fault prediction, security, fraud detection.