Building Web Applications With Ruby On Rails with 5G Software

June, 16 2021

A single-page application (SPA) is a web application or web site that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current page rather than loading entire new pages from a server.

Ruby improves the performance of an application by reducing the loading time of HTML, CSS and JS files and that helps the end-users to take more advantage of the app plus allows them to use it to the fullest.

There is a huge demand for SPA and webmasters are moving their sophisticated and complex web applications from classic web architecture (CWA) to a single-page application (SPA). This will actually change the way people manage the business with these applications.

The assets in Rails terminology handles static resources and integrates with Webpack.

Default safe HTTP headers and CSRF protection.

Default SQL injection protection with bundled ActiveRecord.

Traditional website optimizations through Turbolinks.

Default separate configuration for each environment like development, production, and testing.

Jobs, e-mail integration and integrated database migrations.

Automatic and high capabilities to code reloading in the development environment.

Quick booting can be made possible compared to other frameworks.

Quick and massive community support of your questions.

Huge numbers of gems are available in the community and for all kinds of tasks.

Heavy security with specialized experts, quick solutions of issues and quick new releases made possible for leaks.

Quick solution of Github issues.

Huge numbers of generators, models, controllers including tests are available.

Performance-related data are high in the application’s logs.

highly configurable, easy WebSockets API through ActionCable and flexible routing made possible

bundles with test runners solutions for both Ruby-land tests and full-feature tests through Capybara (it still lacks an integrated bundled JavaScript test runner though)