Evolution in 5G

Feb 11, 2021

5G is a unified, more capable air interface. It has been designed with an extended capacity to enable next-generation user experiences, empower new deployment models and deliver new services. The advantage of 5G is enhancement of mobile bandwidth , ultra reliable low latency communications, low cost IoT sensors and connections.

So investors are focused on this evolving technology. This will impact the world and perspective over the network will change. Qualcomm has also invested in four 5G startups. Those companies are Celona, cellwize, Azion, Pensando and edge computing platforms.

Qualcomm Ventures has invested more than $170 million in the 5G ecosystem so far, including this new batch. The goal of Qualcomm investing in 5G is to help jumpstart 5G use cases in enterprise and by extension for consumers by investing in a wide range of companies.

This Platform is built with a cloud based controller that leverages the available spectrum CBRS and to take cellular technology whether it is LTE or 5G into the enterprises. These Enterprise use cases could be in schools, hospitals, universities,etc.,

Qualcomm invests in the wireless ecosystem to expand the base of their customers and partners. The three areas that they look to invest are

  1. Use case
  2. Network transformation
  3. 5G technology in enterprises

Celona aims to make it as easy for enterprises to deploy private cellular infrastructure as it is to deploy Wi-Fi today. Cellwize, helps automate wireless networks to make them more flexible and manageable, in part by using machine learning to tune the network based on the data it collects. Edge computing, where Azion and Pensando, is obviously a hot category, and one where 5G has some obvious advantages. Some of the more successful companies the firm has invested in include unicorns like Zoom, Cloudflare, Xiaomi, Cruise Automation and Fitbit.