Implementing 5G in Industries

Feb 1, 2021

Inventory Management

Returned products will be stored in inventories. The products will be verified before storing.

How it works?

Trucks will be bringing the orders and orders will be verified, then Robots will add serial numbers for the products. Once serial numbers are added a quality check will be done through x ray machine. Then it will be moved to Robots to take photos and update to the inventory. Robots will add labels for each product and places in the Aisle Shelves.


Robots will take the products from the Aisle and add shipping labels to it. Once the shipping label is added, then the item will go through the validation process. Based on the shipping it will move to Pickup or Fedex and the item will be shipped.

5G Core

Here 5G core manages all the communications in the Industry. 5G network will connect all the Robots together. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be possible with 5G. Under a 5G network, inventory and supply chain technology will be able to be managed easily in real-time. With the low latency of 5G, inventory can be tracked and located quickly. 5G technology will improve wireless connectivity by leaps and bounds, making it faster, more responsive. By improving speed, latency, and reliability, 5G will be able to improve the responsiveness and the transparency of the supply chain.