5G Core Network Functions

Cloud 5G software platform enables seamless overlay 5G Core deployment on your existing or greenfield enterprise IT network to meet the ultra fast, low latency connectivity needs while providing complete visibility, security and management of your network.

5G Core Network Functions

5G core network has a service-based architecture. Network functions provide services via standard APIs and the HTTP 2.0 protocol. 5G Software offerings include

  • Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF)
    • supports termination of NAS signaling, NAS ciphering & integrity protection, registration management, connection management, mobility management, access authentication and authorization, security context management
  • Authentication Server/Function (AUSF)
    • acts as an authentication server
  • Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF)
    • supports selecting of the Network Slice instances to serve the UE, determining the allowed NSSAI, determining the AMF set to be used to serve the UE.
  • Unified Data Management (UDM)
    • supports generation of Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) credentials, user identification handling, access authorization, subscription management.
  • Unified Data Repository (UDR)
    • stores user subscription data, policy data, structured data for exposure, and application-level meta data such as Packet Flow Descriptions (PFDs). It provides the necessary interfaces for storing and retrieving of data in the repository.
  • Session Management Function (SMF)
    • Supports session management (session establishment, modification, release), UE IP address allocation & management, DHCP functions, termination of NAS signaling related to session management, DL data notification, traffic steering configuration for UPF for proper traffic routing.
  • Policy Control Function (PCF)
    • supports unified policy framework, providing policy rules to CP functions, access subscription information for policy decisions in UDR.
  • Network Repository Function (NRF)
    • Supports service discovery function, maintains NF profile and available NF instances.
  • User Plane Function(UPF)
    • supports packet routing & forwarding, packet inspection, QoS handling, acts as external PDU session point of interconnect to Data Network (DN), and is an anchor point for intra- & inter-RAT mobility

5G Software Core offers

  • A Disaggregated architecture that includes cloud concepts such as microservices
  • Open-core architecture that uses open APIs to securely expose information and capabilities
  • Flexible deployment options both physical and virtual, including a range of network function virtualization infrastructures (NFVIs)
  • DevOps to quickly and continuously deliver new features and software improvements
  • A common data layer stores all functional state information
  • AI driven integrated real time analytics to measure core network performance and to dynamically adjust network resources in real time to changes in service demands

5G Usecase

  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Higher education
  • Logistics

5G Software is a programmable platform with fully functional API Gateway and management

  • Supports full set of standard APIs for 5G networks
  • Our API management module allows to browse and discover APIs, to build your own custom APIs
  • APIs are access controlled and securely available to partners and application
  • Offers application developers and enterprises a wide set of capabilities to manage and control communications to and from their connected devices
  • APIs allow creation of new applications and are capable of addressing unique use cases to maximize innovation, minimize time to market and create monetizable services for consumers and enterprises