Stripe Sandbox Mode Implementation on Ruby on Rails with 5G Software

June, 21 2021

Stripe is a recognized payment gateway that provides a well-documented API for integrating Stripe into Ruby on Rails applications. Install the Stripe gem in your project using Bundler. Configure Stripe keys. Create routes, the charges controller, and the Stripe charges service object

Implementing with Ruby on Rails is fast and simple. There is a ready object-oriented and well-designed gem supporting Stripe, with complete documentation and easy testing options. It’s a massive advantage for developers – it saves much work and reduces the numbers of lines of code that need to be written. On top of that, it’s easy to verify the payment integration with Stripe’s test API tokens and test card numbers.

Stripe also provides recurring billing even for the most complex subscription models. You can link your customers to pre-defined plans, and Stripe will do the math for you, billing your customers daily, weekly, monthly, or according to the criteria you specify. It’s possible to add multiple subscriptions to a single customer simultaneously. These features are especially useful for SaaS and marketplace business models.

1. Quick implementation with a ready gem
The Stripe Ruby gem provides convenient access to a wide range of versions of the Stripe API from applications written in the Ruby language. It includes a pre-defined set of classes for API resources that initialize themselves dynamically from API responses, which makes it compatible with a wide range of versions of the Stripe API. Having an official gem always speeds things up.

2. Additional gem features
The library also provides an easy configuration path for fast setup and use, helpers for pagination, tracking of “fresh” values in API resources, or built-in mechanisms for the serialization of parameters according to the requirements of Stripe’s API. Additionally, there are also automatic retries that ensure that the same request is not processed twice.

3. Well-written gem
The gem for Stripe payments is object-oriented, well-designed, and simple to use. It’s continuously maintained by Stripe to guarantee its compliance with the latest updates. On top of that, the big community of active users and contributors ensure that potential problems are spotted early.

4. Well-documented gem
If you have ever wondered what good documentation should look like, here’s one good example and here’s another. We can easily say that there is no other payment service with as good documentation as Stripe.