Top Reasons to Choose Node.JS Over Java for Enterprise App Development with 5G Software

June, 09 2021

Have you hired any expert enterprise app development agency? If not, then do it now because you can’t take the load of developing an app yourself.

But yes, it’s good to be informed before approaching an app development agency. For enterprise app development, choosing an appropriate programming language is a concern for many app developers. While Java has been the eldest and most trusted programming language since 1995, there are few new players in the market that are more focused on building enterprise apps with more accuracy, efficiency and optimized code.

Node.JS is one such invention to the programming world- powerful and potential so much so that it is said to replace Java for enterprise applications.So, before you choose your enterprise app development partner, know the various benefits so that you can judge whether the developers you are hiring are aware of the benefits of Node.JS development over Java web development.

Node.JS, started in 2009, now has become a favorite JavaScript-based framework, which makes the JavaScript runtime better, faster and more rock solid. Its popularity has surprised the whole community of developers worldwide. There are many well-known companies/organizations that are reusing Node.JS in production including Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Uber, Netflix, New York Times, LinkedIn, PayPal.

1. Node.JS is ubiquitous
For enterprise development platform, you need a secure, scalable and well-supported development framework and runtime environment. This is where Node.JS fits in. The most important reasons for developers to choose Node.JS is that it can help them write applications both in server-side and browser-side. It becomes much easier to hold on with JavaScript for both sides of the client and server divide than it is to write in Java and then switch to JS, which is the adopted practice in Java-based applications.

Further, in the future, if you wish to move your logic that was built for the browser to the server, developing an application in Node.JS web development offers easy migration of the code.

2. Same language simplifies the build process Though Node.JS isn’t the answer to every problem; it meets many current needs of developers and enterprises. Since it was all about performance and stability fifteen years before, now enterprises have understood the importance of utility. Node.js fulfills the need for lightweight, performant framework that is tailored to the widest technology stack.

When you work in Java, the specifications are required to be written in XML- a data format that supports programming logic. It’s difficult to keep switching from Java to XML every time to build something. This problem is eradicated with Node.js where the build is done in the same language.

3. Best for database queries Node.js is upgrading too fast with the technologies on which it is based including JavaScript, Google’s Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. The best thing is that more than half of the Node.js developers associated with the community can learn the framework themselves. It’s just they have to establish a baseline knowledge. When it comes to database queries, Node.js is a clear winner against Java because it’s easy to mix Node.js and newer databases like CouchDB. There is no requirement of remembering any syntax differences.

4. Node.JS development offers speed and nonblocking I/O API The most important problem that led to the development of Node.js was the poor performance of applications and software because it was difficult to establish concurrency in many server-side programming languages. Node.js was the best solution brought to the table.

With an event-driven architecture and a nonblocking I/O API, the application is optimized for scalability and throughput. Instead of process and threads, this JavaScript framework uses event loops and thus, there are no other overheads that will slow down the performance. The server automatically enters the event loop once a callback is performed. This makes it work at the speed of light, that no other language, not even Java can do.

5 Node.js works with JSON formats JSON format has become too popular among Java developers because it’s lengthy for Java code to turn the results into Java objects. Even configuring the tools like Hibernate take hours. Since Node.js return data in JSON, which is the part of the foundation of JavaScript, there is no need to refer to JSON parsers. With Node.js, its ready-to-go to retrieve data in JSON format.

A simple code in Node.js works incredibly faster, without any deadlocks. Though Java can keep up with the pace, with its new I/O routines there exist old IO routines as well that come in the way.

6 Reasons Node.js is Your Express Ticket to Web App Development All things considered, this debate will never end- whether you should choose Java or Node.js on your server. Because on the contrary, Java wins Node.js in solid mathematical foundations having the complex Date code for both Georgian and Julian calendars. There are elaborate IO routines, better IDEs, remote debugging. So, a prudent developer like us will always analyze the project thoroughly and choose the one that fits the best.

If you’re working on the next-generation enterprise application, mobile and web integration in IoT, Node.js is the best runtime environment that will work well for you and your enterprise.